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Douglas Fir

is straight grained and strong. One of the primary tree species in coastal British Columbia, it is extremely resilient and a favorite of developmental silviculturists due to its fast growth and high market demand. Wood of choice to builders, Douglas Fir possesses optimum characteristics making it ideal all-around choice for residential, commercial and heavy duty timber construction. The appeal measures largely in its long, straight trunk and the fact that approximately two-thirds of the tree is free of branches making for a high per-tree yield of clear wood.

Because Douglas Fir wood is dimensionally stable it can be used in its unseasoned state and let dry or season throughout the construction process, or can be purchased kiln dried. For custom or mill work, remanufacturing or laminate, it is often kiln or air dried to bring its moisture content to optimum levels to insure preservation.

Resilience, hardness and density result in its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and make it ideal for framing construction and as supporting load-bearing members. The straight, dense grain translates into ability to hold a nail and excellent curative properties mean it's not likely to warp or split thus increasing structural longevity. Lineal Foot Prices 6' - 39'


Western Red Cedar

is renowned for its high decay-resistance and its good insulation properties, far superior to brick, concrete and steel. Therefore structures built from Western Red Cedar will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It has very good weathering characteristics which makes it popular for exterior applications.

It has a low wood density and low shrinkage factor which means it is unlikely to warp or twist. Western Red Cedar also has an ability to dampen vibrations, making it effective in reducing or confining noise and therefore good for panelling and moulding.

The lack of pitch or resinous extractives contributes to its good finishing properties which means it can take a variety of coatings, paints and stains exceptionally well, provided it is dried and properly primed. Working Properties

Western Red Cedar is one of the easiest timbers to work with because of its straight grain and uniform texture. It planes and sands clearly; is easy to saw, nail and glues well with a range of adhesives. It machines well too.

When freshly machined Clear Western Red Cedar seems to vary from a; light straw colour to a dark red/brown, but the colour becomes more uniform in natural light. It is much sought after for its "weathered" appearance. The grain is typically straight and even.

Western Red Cedar is reported to have a very high natural resistance to decay. Reported to perform well when in contact with the ground, although the mild UK winters are the exception as they promote decay.


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